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About Our Tachometers:

In 1957, we began to manufacture our own line of electro-mechanical tachometers to fill the needs of aircraft manufacturers. These "drag magnet" types have proved to be the simplest and most durable performing tachometers. A huge advantage to this type is that in the event of an instrument power bus shutdown, this tachometer will continue to provide the pilot with critical engine speed information.

Today, thousands of our tachometers are being used throughout the world. From Beech, Cessna, Piper, Britten-Norman fixed-wing types to Bell, Hughes, and Schweizer helicopters. Our synch indicators are found in various aircraft from, Beech, Grumman, Lear Jet, Douglas DC-9's, to the Polish AN-28 "Sky Truck", among others. 


See below what options are available:

bulletElectrically Driven Tachometers 

Are compatible with most 3-phase AC tachometer generator senders with 2 or 4-pole permanent magnet designs.

Our 2" tachometers are available as singles: Prop, Percent, or RPM gauges, with or without vernier subdial pointers. As duals or triples, 3" sizes are available. 


All our electrical tachs use common connectors, clear instrument quality glass, with additional options of a hermetic seal, internal or add-on bezel lighting. Dial and range markings are custom provided to your (manufacturer) specifications.

bulletMechanically Driven Tachometers

All options for mechanically driven tachs are the same as electric tachs, except they are driven instead by a standard, 1/8" (3 mm) SAE flex drive with a .104 square tip. Consolidated Instrument Co.'s own patented Twin-Tach design. Any multiple engine tach can have a combination of both electrical and mechanical inputs.


Our synchroscopes function directly off the tachometer system without a power supply. They can be used in any multi-engine; jet, turbo prop, or piston application. Internal lighting is optional. These synchros can help attain a balanced engine pair for comfort and economy.


Over the years we have also developed a line of dual tachometers and manifold pressure gauges for the marine industry. Our marine tachometers are available as either electrical or mechanical types, with many of the same options as mentioned above. Manufacturers of large diesel twin-screw vessels appreciate these quality instruments as both unique and durable.

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